QHY8L-C 6.0 Megapixel APS-C Single Shot Colour Camera

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APS-C is a relatively large size among single shot color CCD cameras.  The QHY8L-C is a 6 Megapixel camera with an APS-C size SONY CCD sensor.
SONY’s CCD sensors are famous for their low thermal noise.  This is reduced even more in the QHY8L-Cby out 2-stage TE cooling and thermal construction design.  The QHY8L-C has the cooling capability of -40C below ambient.  This results in the production of very clean images even in exposures of 30 minutes to one hour. 
The QHY8L-C also has very low read noise of 6-10e-. At a dark site it offers the user a simple and easy way to capture deep sky objects in full color without the need, complexity and cost of RGB filters and filter wheel. The image processing work can likewise be simplified compared to separate processing and combining of LRGB frames. 
The QHY8L-C camera body has a diameter of only 63mm only, making it ideally suited for Hyperstar imaging.  It also comes with a cable clip for solid connections.  You do not need to worry about contact problems with the USB cable or power cable.
The QHY8L has a lower price than QHY8PRO. The major difference between the cameras is the way the sensor readout occurs. The QHY8L uses a two-field readout. After the exposure the red pixels and half of the green pixels are read out, the blue pixels and the other half of the green pixels are read out. QHYCCD uses technology to keep the two-field exposure period the same. The QHY8PRO on the other had uses a progressing scan of the entire CCD at the end of the exposure. For long exposures, there is no difference between the two. However, to capture fast moving objects, QHY recommends the progressive scan sensor of QHY8PRO.

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Max Cooling Below Ambient


Peak Quantum Efficiency

60% (Green)

Pixel Size/Pitch



3110 x 2030


Sony ICX413AQ

Sensor Size

APS-C : 23.60mm (H) x 15.60 mm (V)

Telescope Interface

M42x0.75mm pitch




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