QHY5L-Ⅱ-C USB 2.0 1/3″ Colour Planetary / Guiding Camera

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The QHY5L-II is available in both mono and color versions.  The Colour sensor has peak QE of 52% (Green) making it quite sensitive.  It also has very low read noise.  At low gain the read noise is approximately 7e-, at middle gain it is 4e-, and at high gain it is as low as 2e-.  The high QE and low read noise allows you to use a small guide scope and you will still capture guide stars everywhere you look.  The camera has a small 1.25-inch diameter body, making it an ideal lightweight guiding camera.  A locking ring around the body lets you set it so that it is parfocal with your favorite eyepiece.  This camera is small but powerful.  It incorporates an improved thermal design that transfers the heat from the CMOS sensor to the metal case quickly. 
The QHY5L-II provides high speed data transfer performance. It will output 30FPS@1280×960 resolution, and 200FPS@320*240 resolution.  This frame rate is quite good for planetary imaging. 
The QHY5L-II is supplied with WDM drivers which means you can use it as a high performance  webcam for video chat or live broadcast video.  You can share your astronomy viewing in real time with your friends and family. 
The QHY5L-II-C’s high sensitivity and low noise is a highlight of the QHY5-II series.  With the extraordinary QE of 52% (Green), the QHY5L-II-C’s sensitivity even exceeds many CCD cameras.  It is said the QHY5L-II-C’s image quality exceeds even ICX618 based cameras.. The sensor’s on-chip FPN (Fixed pattern Noise) calibration function solved the major problem of CMOS technology. The image is clear and uniform even under high gain.  With these advantages, the QHY5L-II-C produces outstanding image quality for planetary imaging, guiding, deep sky imaging and all sky imaging.  

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Max FPS at Full Resolution


Max FPS at 640x480


Peak Quantum Efficiency

52% (Green)


1280 x 960



Sensor Size

1/3inch : 4.80mm (H) x 3.60mm (V)

Pixel Size/Pitch


Telescope Interface

1.25" Eyepiece Port


45g (Colour)


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